Demand Freedom for Ahmed

Ahmed Mansoor is a loving father and husband, a poet, blogger, and human rights defender. Now, he is in prison in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for speaking about human rights violations in the country.  Sign the petition and demand his immediate release.

What’s the problem?

Before his arrest, Ahmed was the last voice in the UAE providing the rest of the world with credible independent information about human rights abuses in the country. He regularly drew attention to the detention, torture, and unfair trials of dissenters. He spoke about problems with the judicial system and national laws that violate international laws.

Ahmed is paying a high price. In March 2017, UAE security forces raided his home and arrested him. For over a year, no one, not even his family, knew where he was detained. In May 2018, Ahmed was sentenced to 10 years in prison for “insulting the UAE and its symbols”, among other charges.

In protest against his prison conditions, Ahmed has gone on hunger strike twice, losing a dangerous amount of weight and putting his life at risk. Despite this, he is only allowed outside three times a week, when guards remove all other prisoners from the yard and Ahmed spends the little time he has in the sunlight, alone.

What can you do to help?

Sign the petition and demand his immediate and unconditional release.