Amnesty International Ghana recently hosted its Annual Planning Meeting from 7th to 11th February 2024, reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding human rights across Ghana. The gathering brought together AI Ghana’s board, staff, and regional coordinators from all regions of Ghana to strategize and discuss plans for the year moving forward.

The event commenced with an orientation session for new Regional Coordinators, led by the Growth and Mobilization Coordinator, Stephany Boateng, the new Regional Coordinators were introduced to their roles and briefed on the expectations associated with representing Amnesty International Ghana at the regional level.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to familiarizing both new and existing regional coordinators with AI Ghana’s Annual Work Plans. These plans, aligned with Amnesty International’s Global Strategic Framework, focused on our priority area 1 which is  Freedom of Expression and Civic Space and Priority Areas 2 which is  Equality and Non-discrimination, and Flexible areas like prison conditions and the abolition of the death penalty. Notably the years’ work plans emphasized on many areas including Sexual and Gender based violence, menstrual health, and Amnesty’s global campaign “Protect the Protest,” which underscores the importance of safeguarding individuals’ rights to express dissent peacefully.

Day three served as a platform for regional coordinators to share their achievements, challenges, and future plans for their respective regions. Representatives from across the country shared the various initiatives undertaken in the past year, offering insights into effective strategies and highlighting areas for improvement. Budgeting sessions equipped participants with the necessary tools to allocate resources effectively, ensuring the successful implementation of planned activities.

Engaging discussions with Amnesty Ghana staff and fellow participants facilitated the development of tailored work plans for the upcoming year. Drawing from collective expertise and diverse perspectives, regional coordinators refined their strategies to address pressing human rights issues within their respective regions and in Ghana.

The culminating event on day four featured a comprehensive training session on the right to protest, aligning with Amnesty International’s flagship campaign “Protect the Protest.” Led by Campaigns and Communications Coordinator, Belinda Asamanyuah, participants delved into the nuances of peaceful assembly and explored effective advocacy methods. Workshops and interactive sessions provided participants with practical insights for integrating the principles of the campaign into regional initiatives.

The knowledge exchanged and experiences shared during AI Ghana’s National Annual Planning Meeting will undoubtedly empower participants to advocate tirelessly for human rights across Ghana and shine the light of public attention on human rights in the country.