1. Background

Amnesty International Ghana (AIG) is a section of Amnesty International, a global movement comprising over 10 million people dedicated to ensuring that the fundamental human rights and freedoms of all persons are protected, promoted, and fulfilled in line with national, regional, and international human rights standards. Through its campaigns, Amnesty International Ghana strives to prevent and eradicate human rights violations, as well as advocate for justice and redress for individuals whose rights have been infringed upon.

Amnesty International Ghana is seeking to engage the services of a fundraising consultant with international experience to support the organization’s fundraising efforts. The consultant will be reporting to the Director of AIG.

  • Objectives

2.1. To identify the in-country potential for high value fundraising for human rights initiatives within Ghana.

   2.2. To develop a fundraising strategy and plan for AIG aligned with the outcomes of the fundraising scoping exercise.

2.3. Enhance Amnesty’s ability to generate more funding and resources to support their various human rights programs and campaigns.

  • Scope of Assignment

3.1. Carry out a scoping exercise (donor mapping and analysis) which includes desk research and interviews with donors and other relevant stakeholders.

3.2. Prepare a comprehensive report on the scoping exercise to management and board which covers the following:

3.2.1. List of potential high value donors including bilateral and multilateral donors, individuals, foundations, organizations, and corporates whose policies uphold human rights principles.

3.2.2. An analysis of possible opportunities from high value donors, their funding modality, schedule/ time frame, and levels of funding.

3.2.3. Donors’ grant and contractual processes including compliance requirements.

3.2.4. Key relevant fundraising approaches towards donors.

3.2.5. Identified priority areas for improvement and development.

3.2.6. Recommendations on approaches which the organization can use in its fundraising efforts including whether there is a need to engage a Fundraising coordinator for the organization.

3.3. Conduct a comprehensive assessment and review of Amnesty International Ghana’s existing fundraising strategies, methods, and performance.

3.4. Review and develop a fundraising strategy and plan for diversifying the funding portfolio.

  • Deliverables

4.1. A comprehensive report which covers all the areas listed under 3.2 above.

4.2. Recommend  a three-year funding proposal with targets and strategies on diversifying the funding for the section.

4.3. Presentation of the report to the Board and management of the organization.

  • Minimum Requirements

5.1.  Demonstrated track record of prior experience in consultancy, developing and implementing fundraising strategies in a not-for- profit sector with focus on human rights, development, and social justice funding.

5.2. Minimum 7-10 years of proven experience in fundraising or development roles, preferably in the nonprofit sector.

5.3. Deep understanding of global fundraising trends and best practices.

5.4. Excellent research, data analysis and reporting skills to measure and optimize fundraising performance.

5.5. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English, with the ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

5.6. Proficiency in using digital and social media platforms for fundraising and donor engagement.

  • Timeline

The proposed assignment will commence in May 2024. The duration the work will depend on all parties agreeing.

  • Submission of Proposals

All interested candidates who meet the above criteria are invited to send their applications to [email protected] on or before 10th May, 5pm GMT. The proposals should include the following:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Your interpretation of the Term of Reference
  3. Methodology and Workplan
  4. Your profile outlining qualifications, experiences, and similar assignments you have done in the past.
  5. Up to 3 recommendation letters from organizations or agencies you have done similar work for in the past along with their contacts
  6. Detailed outline of budget for the work.