Overturn Justyna’s conviction

Justyna was convicted for helping a woman in an abusive relationship access a safe abortion. Sign the petition and urge the prosecutor general to ensure that her wrongful conviction is reversed.

What’s the problem?

In February 2020, Justyna was put in contact with Ania, a woman living with an abusive partner. She was pregnant and desperate, insisting she would rather die than continue the pregnancy. Justyna survived an abusive relationship herself, and knew she had to help. She sent Ania her own abortion pills in the mail, but Ania’s partner intercepted the package and notified the police, who confiscated the pills.

In November 2021, the prosecutor’s office charged Justyna with helping with an abortion. In March 2023, she was found guilty and sentenced to eight months of community service. Justyna has appealed against the conviction.

Justyna’s conviction sets a dangerous precedent. Without the support and trustworthy information that she and other activists provide, people like Ania would be alone and without access to safe abortion.

Demonstrating her courage despite the hostility she faces, Justyna says: “I was driven by the will to help when no one else wanted to or could help. For me, helping Ania was an obvious, decent, and honest thing to do.”  

What can you do to help?

Sign the petition and urge the prosecutor general to ensure that Justyna’s wrongful conviction is reversed.