Protect the protest

Throughout history, protest has been a powerful tool for change. But governments around the world are cracking down on protests and it must be protected. Add your voice to our global call to protect the protest and join our campaign today.

The Salt March in India in 1930 against British colonial rule; the Arab Spring uprisings, the anti-apartheid protests in South Africa. These mark key historical moments of change driven by people who refused to give up, who spoke truth to power – people who protested. Protest is a powerful force for change, and it’s because of the bravery of those who speak out that a more just and equal world is possible.

But this precious right is under attack. Governments around the world are restricting people’s right to protest, because too many people in power fear change. Too many want to maintain the status quo. Too many want to keep people divided.

By coming together and ensuring that everyone – especially the marginalised and discriminated against – can participate in protests, we can create a more just and equal world. Together, we must protect the protest wherever it is restricted, whenever it is at risk. We must come together to create a world where people can peacefully demand change without persecution.

This is a global problem and to fix it we need all of us around the world. Just like protests, we have power in numbers to make a difference.

Sign up and join our global campaign to protect the protest today.

We are demanding that everyone, everywhere protect the protest. Join thousands of people around the world coming together to demand our freedoms and pledge your support to protect the protest today.