Regional Activity/Amnesty Groups in Upper West Region of Ghana commemorates 16 days of Activism


Amnesty International Ghana’s Upper west regional groups actively participated in the 16 days of activism campaign to end sexual and gender based violence in the Upper West Region. A vibrant float on 1st December at Wa Technical Institute heightened awareness, showcasing our commitment to addressing gender-based violence issues.

The colourful procession captured the attention of students and the public, serving as a visual manifestation of our commitment to addressing gender-based violence. The float not only celebrated the 16 Days of Activism but also aimed to amplify the presence of Amnesty International, reinforcing the organization’s dedication to human rights on a global scale. The impact of these activities is expected to resonate long after the campaign concludes, fostering a culture of awareness, empathy, and advocacy for human rights.

To maximize impact, seven dormant groups were revitalized, focusing on crucial human rights education topics. From gender equality to freedom of expression, these groups organized activities that engaged students and the public, fostering meaningful conversations.

We will always join the campaign to end Violence against women in Ghana

Christian Papinian

Join us in championing a more just and equitable society. Stand with Amnesty International Ghana as we continue to make a meaningful impact in our ongoing efforts for change.