Regional Activity/Upper East Region: Human Rights Education on Ending Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Membership Recruitment

Students of Yikene JHS in the Upper East Region have been educated on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence by Amnesty International Ghana. It was organised by the regional coordinator Vida Anoya and supported by some other members. New members were also recruited at the event.

The event which happened at Yikene Junior High School hosted a significant number of people, issues about sexual and gender-based violence were discussed. In recent times, it has become very important for individuals to be aware of sexual and gender-based violence so they know when to speak up or lend a helping hand to someone who needs it.

In our bid to contribute towards such an essential cause, another of various events we organize to make people aware of sexual and gender-based violence happened at Yikene. Interesting conversations sprung up and it was an insightful event which raised awareness and encouraged positive actions among attendees.

It was also an opportunity to recruit new members to join the good work Amnesty International Ghana is doing. The numbers were encouraging and it proved that individuals were motivated by the event to join combat various unjust issues such as sexual and gender based violence.  To a number of attendees, this program served as an inspiration in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence